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Welcome to the kiwi electric vehicle charging program

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Kiwi electric vehicle charging system is suitable for all types of charging of new generation electric vehicles. The main strategic partners are BMW, faw-volkswagen, audi, mercedes-benz, general motors and other car brands.

The main models include a series of byd, wuling hongguang mini, ideal one, nextev, etc. Xiaopeng cars and other new brands charging the electric vehicle, with all kinds of terrain all kinds of harsh climate outdoor electric vehicle remote solutions, details, please call or email consultation!

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Our advantage
  • Body portable, save space and convex
  • Meet all kinds of ev cars
  • Easy handling, high compatibility
  • Can be configured according to request
  • Ip65 watertight
  • Meet the operating temperature as :-20 to 60 degrees, 4000m +
  • Select high quality materials to match high stable quality
  • Meeting with JCGP 1.5/1.6j, 4g
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ShenzhenKiwi Technology co., LTD

Shenzhen kiwi technology co., LTD (for short kiwi) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in technology, deploying a complete ev charging solution from compact, high-quality ac wallboxes, reliable dc fast charging stations with reliable communications, app /PC running software for innovative ev charging systems.

KIWI ev charger
Introduction to charging pile of charging vehicle
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Shenzhen kiwi technology co., LTD (for short kiwi) provides first-class charging and supports on-site design. When installing and assembling equipment from all over the world you will be able to constantly replenish. Full range of services.

About us kiwiChaoji EV Charger

We are building a convenient, reliable, customer-oriented battery charger network for electric vehicles across the country in workplaces, communities and motorways.

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