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SHENZHEN KIWI Technology Co., LTD.

Shenzhen kiwi electric vehicle (ev) charger technology. In addition to production, our organization has departments of design, r&d and customer service. Ev charging stations, ev cables, and ev connectors are among the most popular items. We offer not only basic products, but also customized on demand to better meet the different tastes and needs of the ev kiwi charger market.

ev charger for KIWI

Introduction to product positioning

  • Welcome to the kiwi website.

  • Use global strategic partners to shape global strategic deployment.
  • For this reason today we have opened specialized customer service for this region to solve all the problems in the use and purchase of charging landfills for you ev charger for kiwi.
  • I believe that our knowledge and efforts can bring you more noble services and better use of experience in the future, provide more effective solutions for your low-carbon green journey.
  • Kiwi brand is practiced, accepting customer service and high quality product experience as the basic concept,
  • Вклад в популяризацию и коммерциализацию экологически чистой электроэнергии для гражданского использования в новую эру!

Service under the brand

  • The main products of the kiwi brand are concentrated in the area of high-power electric vehicles fast charging swine products.

There are many small ac charging landfills suitable for home use ev charger for kiwi,

Which are easy to install, connect and play, a multi-mode series of groups connected to dc charging circuits are suitable for large charging stations, and provide high-speed high-power charging for charging taxis and medium and large trucks,

In order for operating companies to reduce the charging time of vehicles, in order to increase the working time of vehicles, kiwi is working hard to build and improve in this regard.

For more information about the scheme, we can contact our online staff on the homepage.

Professional technical engineers and service staff will provide you with patient, responsible and serious professional answers. As our partner,

We can get up-to-date information on products and services for technical updates in a timely manner, we look forward to your answer!!

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Why Choose

We believe the quality of each single component equals the quality of the complete system.

Globalization of the trade mark

Design and r&d

Efficient industrial production

Open and inclusive

Brand globalization

Our salesman come from different coun-tries dedicated to provide you the best quality and service in EV Charger industry

Design and R&D

Our core engineers al have more than 10 years’experience,can solve your any profess-tional EV Charger question or trouble

Efficient manufacturing

We are Shenzhen 100% true factory and man-ufacture,will surely give you most competitive price if we both show cooperation sincerity

Open and inclusive

We welcome communication and discussion from all over the world,no matter you finally buy from us or not

Awards and prizes & Certification and certification

Kiwi product certification, import and export control and testing certificate