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2022 Best Ev Charger Design Electric Car Supercharger Station Dc 120Kwh Fast Evse

Welcome to KIWI’s service website in Russia. Russia has always been one of the major markets we focus on in the field of new energy. For this reason, we have opened a dedicated customer service for this region today to solve all the problems in the use and purchase of charging piles for you. I believe that our expertise and efforts can bring you more noble services and better use experience in the future, Provide more efficient solutions for your low-carbon green travel.

KIWI brand has been practicing, taking customer service and high-quality product experience as the core concept, making a contribution to the popularization and commercialization of electric environment-friendly energy for civilian use in the new era!

The main products of KIWI brand are concentrated in the field of high power electric vehicle fast charging pile products. There are many small AC charging piles suitable for home use, which are simple to install, plug and play, multi-mode group series connected DC charging piles suitable for large charging stations, and provide high power fast charging solutions for the charging of taxis and medium and large freight trucks, so that the operating companies can reduce the charging time of vehicles, In order to increase the working time of vehicles, KIWI has been working hard to build and improve in this regard.